Machine Learning Useful Links


In this guide I am sharing some useful links related to Machine Learning and Algorithms. These tutorial will help anyone preparing for ML algorithm or learning about ML in general.

Machine Learning:

Confusion Matrix:

Logistic Regression:

Decision Tree:

Random Forest:,but%20makes%20your%20code%20slower.

Naive Bayes:,presence%20of%20any%20other%20feature.

K-Nearest Neighbor:,The%20k%2Dnearest%20neighbors%20(KNN)%20algorithm%20is%20a%20simple,both%20classification%20and%20regression%20problems.&text=Finally%2C%20we%20looked%20at%20an,an%20application%20of%20KNN%2Dsearch.

Neural Networks:

A/B Testing:

This guide wiil help you out in many way, I used it so I thought its a good time to share it with other. If you want to add something do let me know in comment. Thanks!

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